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Race of Champions Apk 

Racehorses Champions is a fantastic game with 3D images. That combines features of simulation and arcade design. The game brings emotions and the experiences of a horse race in an immersive environment. Managing your cash as well as your stable, the player purchases his horses. Which participates in events to test their abilities, and has its characteristics.

Join the area of horse racing and also have a great time

Game Features:

  • For the game, it is Amazing 3D graphics and virtual 3D sound system.
  • Touch or Intuitive tile commands to direct your horse.
  • 60 challenging classes to compete and a lot more to come

I Horse Racing

I Horse Racing

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IHorse Racing GameHorse Games Race

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Apk Free Download:

Horse Racing Apk – Free Download at 1.04 Version

IHorse Racing Game Apk Download at 1.03 Version

IHorse Racing Games Apk Free Download at 1.02 Version

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