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It’s 2017. Your country is gripped by an epidemic which is running out of proportions. Your job as a medical officer at a well-known clinic would be to provide just one email message about security practices to hundreds of individuals vulnerable to disease, promptly We provide everything you need to generate and send e-mail efforts that are beautiful. Powerful tools for managing your connections and strengthening you to maximize the ROI from your own Email campaigns. Free for unlimited access!
Email Marketing Features
Our resources make it possible that you achieve out having a newsletter that is regular to your own followers.
Beautiful Email Templates
The essential requirement of your effort is the e-mail that the customers receive.
Manage Contacts
Add, relax and develop! With our associate’s resources, you may make sure to have all the facts of your e-mail marketing efforts managed in this program. Understand your associates. Accumulate and maintain comprehensive contact profiles.

Our segmentation device that is strong allows you developed quite focused groups of connections for communications that are customized.
A/X Split Testing
Our support team is definitely at your service, 24 hrs/day, seven days/ week and 365 days/ year. Should you have some love contact us!
Triggered Emails
Take actions with tripped auto-responders to achieve your market. You can react using our resources when customers open a contact, click on a certain link, join your e-mail list and even unsubscribe.

Email Client & Spam Testing
Preview your e-mail across the most used mail clients before sending your campaign, and get spam analysis reviews that are thorough all.
Detailed Activity Reports
Time to track your results with our exquisite visual representation of your statistics integrated look Lessly along with your comprehensive log that is e-mail.
Private IPs

Manage your shipping. You can expect Personal IPs for only $0.65 per day.
Use your own Domains
White label all aspects of your outbound email. Get rid of “on part of” or “ via domain names.
Gain access to sub-accounts. Split up your mail by type or for your personal clients to get the outcomes that are best.
Custom Branding
You need to create an e-mail marketing platform or whether you intend to supply e-mail services to existing clients, we have a turnkey solution for you personally.
First Class Email Delivery
Achieving the inbox is our objective that is common. In knowing there is a team of specialists that share this goal with you, take comfort. You’ll be able to appreciate this of sending an email just in this app. Download this app right now and download it for free!

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