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Download circle 6 app – fast, easy to private and use. Circle 6 App, Created to stop sexual violence. We also comprehend it’s simple to teenagers, parents, friends, or any or all communities. Trying to cultivate strong and protection relationships.

Circle of 6 App

Need help getting a house? Need a gap? Two faucets let your group understand how they are able to help and where you stand. Circle of 6 app programs for Android and iPhone causes it to be easy and quick to achieve the 6 individuals you opt for.

It’s the cellular means when you’re outside for the night time or to be aware of each other on campus. An easy tool to stop violence before it occurs.

Specifications For Android

Publisher             ISIS

Release Date        April 07, 2015

Updated              March 28, 2016

Version               2.1.1

Extra Requirements  Compatible with 2.3.3 and above

Developer           Circle of 6 app


                           Privacy Policy

System Requirements For Window Mobile

Least and Recommended

OS                     Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8

Architecture         ARM

Version number

Specification of iPhone/Mac

Category              Lifestyle

Updated               21 November 2016

Version                2.0.5

Size                    23.2 MB

Languages           English, Hindi, Spanish

Developer            The Line Campaign, Inc.

For Apk Download

Author              Tech 4 Good

Latest Version    2.1.6

Publish Date      27th October 2016

IOS/Android: circle of 6 app download is a free program for IOS and Android. Apparatus that allows you to construct a group of six peoples. Trust individual to immediate call on when you are in danger. In a terrible situation with another person. They should reach the authorities. The program pings your trustworthy friends or emergency services along. With your request along with your present place to allow them to locate you, for help.
Circle of 6 made to stop the sexual and domestic violence. And help those who might find themselves. In an uncomfortable or dangerous situation get from it fast. The police or other authorities thanks for their best friends or thanks. Still, the thought is sound for anybody who may want help that does not include telephoning 911. If your car’s broken down and you want a raise, one pat sends your buddies a message. Saying you are in trouble along with the address where you’re so they can pick you up. In the event, you are at the center of a date that is terrible. Must a distraction, the program will assist with that also.

Circle 6 App

circle of 6 app


Circle 6 App

Circle of 6 app

Circle 6 App

Circle of Friends App

Circle of Friends App

Circle of Friends App

Free Circle 6 app

Circle of 6

andriod 6

Circle of 6 App Free Download

Circle of 6 app

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