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The Greatest and most popular free racing game ever

Competition 100 MILLION players in the most addictive free game of all time!


Competition against numerous CUSTOMERS on MULTIPLAYER
Perform on single-player to enhance your ABILITIES
ENJOYMENT guaranteed
Easy and USER-FRIENDLY controls
Obstacle your facebook FRIENDS


  • Numerous worlds that are insane and insane courses
  • Great STUNTS
  • Lots of AWESOME bikes
  • Do not lose the free software upgrades with tons of FRESH CONTENT

Bike Race Free

FREE today on Android

Tilt your mobile device to lean your bike and touch the display to accelerate or brake. It’s very easy to learn, but tough to understand!

Earn stars to achievements that are complete and competition new amounts to get bikes that are wonderful for FREE. Some of our bicycles: zombie, ninja, ground forces, hog, acrobatic, cops, ghost, super, extremely, Halloween, Santa, Christmas. And a few more!
But maybe you have got what it takes to be the FINEST BIKER on Android?

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Bike Race Free Download For Android

Overlook these dense haul car racing games. To be a master motorcycle/motocross pilot, abilities matter (a lot). As they say: no pain, no gain! Therefore, begin training right now to become an expert bike racing and rule them. It’s going to be satisfying and addictive, we ensure!

Be the bike you always wanted to be! Pilot your motorcycle/motocross across incredible races and challenge your Fb bike rivals! Get the motorcycle that is top to uncover tricks and unbelievable monitors. Your investment BMX, now you’re a biker and own the motorcycle that is greatest. Warm up your engine, trigger this game that is racing is CRAZY.

Now it is possible to challenge your buddies that are competing in a multiplayer tournament that is mind-blowing! Participate in making the grace, along with illogical benefits: get to be the #1 Biker on earth. Are you excited? You should, because this competition is going to be packed with adrenaline and surprises. Accelerate, brake, produce a wheelie, you have to do everything close to time to get the benefit.

● Details about user created levels
You’ll need to get a mission pack, in the event that you would like to perform over 3 highlighted user-created levels daily. It’s possible for you to perform with endless free stages for those who have their rules produced by you. You can even perform with endless free stages discussed freely online by additional customers. Stages can’t be produced on a device.

Game Bike Race Free Download

● Play it anywhere
Bicycle contest free DOESN’T need any web connection. You’ll have fun rushing in the underpass, while traveling on an (actual) airplane, in the vehicle traveling, all through providers in a brown (and maybe even perhaps also on the bathroom!)
● Low data usage
This game will not consume a great deal of information from your mobile plan which you’d want to utilize rather browse the internet view videos that are you tube and listen to free music

● Compatibility and support

We are always working (difficult) to ensure all Android telephones and tablets run the game easily. please record any problem you might experience to support

● Age rating disclaimer

It DOESN’T contains violence nor another mature content. It is merely a straightforward and simple racing sport. Don’t hesitate to play it with children and your boys. we bet it will be pleasure plus they are gonna love it!

Downloads the free bike race

Bike Race Game App


Bike race

For Android

Download Bike Race Free

Bike Race Games


Bike Race App

For Windows PC, Windows Phone, Android


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