Top FREE/PAID Android Apps Download – 2017

1weather app

Weather app for android has become the most effective climate use out there. weather one app has a straightforward, paginated layout that shows you the weather, forecast for 12 months, reveals a radar, along with other fascinating stats. Along with this, you can see the storms approaching, you’ll get gently personalized widgets like severe gary lezak weather notifications also as a radar together with a fairly decent set of the normal things. Perhaps its greatest attribute is its minimum layout which simply shows you the climate (and interesting details, in the event that you want).

Weather one app has completely full version is available here and $1.99 in-app purchase eliminates the ads. Many will also likely take pleasure in the range of 1 weather details. It’s is an important and useful app that everyone must try this weather app android.

weather my location

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Android Weather App

Nova Launcher Themes

Among the characteristics that stand out as well as makes a difference in Nova Launcher is its excellent graphic quality.

What is a Nova? Nova is an alternate launcher compatible with Android 4.1 on. It’s been in existence for a long time, open nova launcher for upgrading, and so it’s never not been an excellent choice to get an android launcher  replacement. It enables you to customize the complete look and feel of your operating system, to the number of apps that will appear on the lock screen, from changes to font size to the manner in which your app drawer scrolls. It comes with a host of features, including the capability to copy and restore your home screen setups theming for all of your Android programs. If you go superior, you’ll be able to tack on icon swipe actions, unread count badges for apps, and gesture controls. It’s simply that good.

Nova Prime Launcher example of Android could be molded to suit individual tastes and preferences, in a sense that iOS cannot.
In case you wish you could make a couple of simple changes to your present interface, then give an attempt to the free version of Nova. Nova even lets you embrace the appearance of any other phone – Galaxy, Xperia, HTC, LG, even iOS if this is your thing.

Best Android Launcher

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Nova Launcher Themes

Lastpass App

Lastpass mobile is certainly one of these must have Android programs. Lastpass download really is a password manager that lets you keep your log in credentials in a secure, risk-free way. In addition to that, Last pass will help create practically hopeless passwords for you to use on your own balances. It is all managed with a master password. Lastpass for chrome has cross-platform help so it can be used by you on devices that are mobile, computers, tablet computers. There are the others, like it is one step ahead, but Lastpass app always feels. Additionally, the superior version is affordable. You can even grab LastPass Authenticator to go along with it for added safety in

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Lastpass Chrome

lastpass extension


Blue Mail is most likely the finest all-around blue email app out there. It comes with an easy interface, compatibility with just about any provider that is e-mail, plus it only keeps things clear. Additionally, there are a set of smart options that can help you personalize your experience. It also comes with Android Use support, the capacity to secure color-coding, widgets, best email, and a lot more. It is strong, easy, and best to use and it’s entirely free to obtain. Individuals do not come up with it anymore, however, it gets updated often and rocks a 4.7 from 5-star rating on Google Play for best email app android. It’s one of these android email app worth your time.

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Solid Explorer Classic
File browsing is something everyone has (or needs) to do. And that means you may as well do it using a competent, excellent file browser.
We have tested out several options in search of a replacement. Integration with cloud services like Dropbox Google Drive and OneDrive. Also to FTP servers, make it a formidable all in one solution for handling your files. It features support for the most used cloud services Material Layout, archiving support. As well as some more power user things like SMB/CIFS support, and FTP, SFPT, WebDav.
The program is free to test out for fourteen days, after which you’ve got the choice to pay $2. And that means you have nothing to lose by trying it out and seeing everything you believe.

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Google Play Music and YouTube

We do not normally recommend streaming services to individuals. Everyone saying that one is better than another matter of opinion at this point. The program can read your local files along with the music you enjoy online. Also, you’ll be able to upload tens of thousands of tunes at no cost to the service. YouTube Red is additionally got by every Google Play Music subscriber. That gives you background playback. Removes all advertisements on YouTube, and much more attributes.
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True, Pocket is somewhat more of a power user program but it’s one that we’d urge to almost anyone. Pocket enables you to take something which you’re viewing and stash it away for later. This can be very good for you also locate amusing stories out of your Facebook or when you’re browsing the news /Google /Twitter web feed you want to read afterwards. It is quite user-friendly, has cross platform support (via browser extensions), plus it is nicely-designed. It is now free in the event that you subscribe to the service and you also may get added attributes.

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Pocket Casts

People who love podcasts likely possess the most easy decision with regard to which podcast program that will use. This insanely good and secure looking program allows you stream or to download various podcasts to your enjoyment. It features both audio-only to catch up on almost anything and video podcast support. There’s also a black and light subject, a signal-in attribute in order to sync your podcasts across device. As well as a recommendations that are pretty adequate function. It’s the last podcast program you’ll need to download. And among the most effective Android programs out there.

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Whoever is trying to find an incredibly exceptional virtual keyboard for Android may find one here. SwiftKey Keyboard is among the most effective and customizable third party computer keyboards accessible. SwiftKey functions wonderfully with tablet computers, and in the event you simply want a great Android keyboard, it provides intuitive operation, very good spell check and word recognition. It hit the market several years ago having a predictive engine unlike anything any additional keyboard had and the app has developed a lot of over time. It’s a free download and also you can purchase themes for it should you would like to. Additional features include a SwiftKey Flow which permits for gesture typing, a dedicated number row, multiple language support, cross-device syncing of your collection. As it gets in the keyboard space, it’s about as good. It’s accurate that SwiftKey is now owned by Microsoft, but thus far they have managed to not clutter up it.

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PhotoDirector is the whole bundle. It’s everything you can possibly need to edit your photographs. The tools vary from simple text bubbles and filters, to more complex things such as HSL and curves, and they’re all greatly flexible, assisting you to get the best out of your photographs. It’s for seeing everything you end up with and messing around on.

The app is produced by CyberLink, a big Taiwanese multimedia software company, so they possess the cash to splash on a program, plus it demonstrates. Highly suggested for pros and novices -on-the-go alike.

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